Summer of big ideas

In a mere six months we will be going on a lot of backpacking trips up Yosemite!  To help facilitate the planning, I have put up some pertinent information here.  Hope they help!

Wilderness permits: for each backpacking trip you need to apply for a permit.  You can download the form here from the NPS website.

The most important part about the permit is to figure out what the entry trailhead, 1st night camp location, and the exit trailhead.  There are established trailheads that you have to enter through.  The full trailhead map can be downloaded from here, but I have excerpt some screenshots for your convenience.

Glacier point trailheads

East Yosemite Trailheads

Tuolumne Meadows trailheads:

19 Sunrise Lakes: Tenaya Lake/Clouds Rest/Yosemite Valley

22B Glen Aulin pass-thru: Waterwheel Falls

22C Young Lakes via Glen Aulin: Young Lakes

24B Lyell Canyon: Lyell Canyon/Vogelsang Lake/Rafferty Creek

Yosemite Valley trailheads

Tioga Road trailheads

Tioga Road trailheads:

15 Porcupine Creek: North Dome/Yosemite Falls

More posts about planning for our trips to come!


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