Destination – North Dome/Yosemite Falls

Total distance (one way): ~12.17 miles

Elevation change: +1852 ft, -6052 ft
Entry trailhead: Porcupine Creek
Exit trailhead: Yosemite Falls


North Dome Yosemite NP, Creative Commons photo by Teddy Llovet

Happy to report that we just confirmed the reservation for this trail!  Last year while we were looking at possible backpacking locations, we came across North Dome but we thought that it would be an in-and-out sort of trip.  But this year upon looking at the map and also reading some more guidebooks, it dawned on me – why not hike down to the valley floor?

It turns out that there are two main routes to get to the valley floor from North Dome.  Either the Snow Creek trailhead (near Mirror Lake), or through Yosemite Point to Yosemite Falls (near Camp 4).  Since the Snow Creek trail is known to be really steep, we put in a reservation for Yosemite Falls instead.

Thus the itinerary would be:  (Day 1) Porcupine Creek – North Dome – camp near Lehamite Creek (Day 2) Lehamite Creek – Yosemite Point – Yosemite Falls – Valley.

One of the challenges will be water as most of the creeks shown on the topo map are seasonal.  Only Lehamite and Yosemite Creek seems to be reliable sources of water.  But our permit is for end of June 2013 so that might not be as big a problem had we attempt this towards late summer.

Topo map and profile generated using Garmin Basecamp with tracks modified from here and here on  Click here to generate Google map driving direction to trailhead.

ND-YF Topo

ND-YF Profile


Porcupine Creek Trail Head, Creative Commons photo by V.H.S.


Half Dome Yosemite Valley, Creative Commons photo by Dave Johnson


Vertigo (a look down Yosemite Falls), Creative Commons photo by Alan Grinberg

6 thoughts on “Destination – North Dome/Yosemite Falls

  1. Dave says:

    Great little piece, we did the north dome hike last year and it was a really nice hike, although the last mile comes as a bit of a shock if you’re not ready for it. Views are tremendous for last mile and a half. Have fun we’ll be there early June again and will probably do north dome again but might look at the Yosemite falls trails from the route as well?

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