Destination: Young Lakes

Total distance: 12.5 miles (loop)
Elevation changes: +2669 ft / -2728 ft
Entry Trailhead: Young Lakes via Glen Aulin
Exit Trailhead: Young Lakes via Dog Lake


Young Lakes, Creative Commons photo by 2tsohghost5

While I was researching backpacking trails this time around, this trip to Young Lakes caught my attention.  Right next to the Young Lakes is the Ragged Peak that rises about 2300 feet above the lake surface.  It also faces the East which should make for good sunrise shots.

Parking will be the Dog Lakes trailhead parking lot in the Tuolumne Meadows area.  There are two trailheads that can get you to the lakes and thus you can plan to do a loop.  These are the “Young Lakes via Glen Aulin” and “Young Lakes via Dog Lake” trailheads.  By looking at the profile, neither trailhead seems to be any easier and the return route would be one big climb; therefore which one you start with will come down to trailhead availability.

This being a lake, I would also imagine the mosquitoes to be quite bad in early to mid-summer.  Bug nets and sprays are definitely recommended.

Topographic map and profile generated in Garmin Basecamp using tracks recorded here.



Young Lakes in Tuolome Meadows, Yosemite National Park, Creative Commons photo by Threat to Democracy


Peaks reflected on dog lake, Creative Commons photo by Alaskan Dude

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3 thoughts on “Destination: Young Lakes

    • gpdadventures says:

      Actually all the credits go to the photographers whom I have cited. If you click on those links, that will take you to the rest of the pictures they took. They are good photographers!

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