Destination – June Lake Loop Campsites

Total distance: N/a  

June Lake Loop

Elevation changes: N/a
Entry Trailhead: N/a
Exit Trailhead: N/a

Right outside of Tioga Pass entrance is a string of lakes at June Lake Loop.  These beautiful lakes were (maybe still?) the favorite resorts among Hollywood stars.  I only had experience with two of the campgrounds: Oh Ridge and Silver Lake.

June Lake Detail

Coming from the north, we made a left turn at June Lake Loop south and followed the road for another 1 mile before making a right turn.  Once we made the right turn, we looked for a sign that says Oh Ridge campground or June Lake beach access.  It was a bit tricky to find it since we got there late at night!

Oh Ridge is one of the biggest campground in the loop and we stayed at the “Owl” loop.  Each site has its own picnic table and a grill.  Each loop (there are nine total with about 10 campsites each) has bathroom and drinkable water from a faucet.  Of the two times I stayed there, once it snowed (Memorial Day Weekend in May!), and the other time was very pleasant.


Snow camping in May


Patrick pondering the ribs we were about to eat next to the campsite grill


Some guys getting water from the campsite.

Near the Oh Ridge campsite is June Lake.  Department of Fish and Game stock this lake periodically and the schedule can be found here.


June Lake

Usually I take the north exit of June Lake Loop to go back onto US-395.  Reason?  You will pass by the biggest lake in the loop Grant Lake with Mono Craters as background.  Well worth the drive if you ask me.


Grant Lake with Mono Craters in the background


Looking back from north exit, June Lake Loop.

For more information and reservation, Oh Ridge can be found here and Silver Lake (smaller campsite that is quite attractive) can be found here.  Click here for directions to Oh Ridge and here to Silver Lake.


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