Cleaning up after a trip

After all the fun and excitement , after the long drive home, with that hamburger/steak salad from the celebration dinner sitting comfortably in your stomach, it’s time to clean up the gears.  Since we have a central deposit for the gears, cleaning things up well will really help the next group.  Therefore, in no particular order, this is how we usually clean up:

Hiking Sticks


We usually soak the handles of the hiking sticks in soapy water and then air dry those in the sun.  That usually helps to clean up the gunk that are left on the handles.




After removing all the items from the dozens of small pockets, we just wipe down the dirt on the outside with a wet towel.




For any electronics (whether it be GPS or headlight), I typically removed the battery and then put everything in a Ziploc bag.  That should prevent battery corrosion from destroying the unit.


Sleeping Bags


We usually just air out the bags in the sun, unless something really catastrophic happened that required washing.


Once the bags are aired out, I usually put it in a cotton duffel bag.  The key is to maintain the fluff and not compressing it.  Thus leaving the sleeping bags all rolled up in a stuff sack is probably the WORST that you can do (okay, maybe right after washing the bag with regular detergent).


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